Saturday, 31 December 2011

Just the last post this year..

I hope for all of you that you'll have a wonderful start into a great and happy new year!

This year for me was full of some awful news in my private live - but also some really nice new friends I met.. 

I will be back with some new ideas for this blog tomorrow - but first:

 Start your new year right - and treat it with respect and love - because it's filled with miracles just for you! 

Thank you all for following this blog - and listening to me! 

(it's really great that so wonderful people out there seem to care about what I think.. I am still amazed. THANK YOU!!)

Thank you for all the nice comments you you left!!!




  1. Oh, Irene, I'm sorry 2011 found you dealing with bad news in your private life. That was me in 2010 (and the entire decade of the 2000's.) While 2011 hasn't been a bed of roses, at least it hasn't been filled with the heartbreak of the previous decade.

    I'm glad that this year found our paths crossing so that we could become friends. I think you are a sweetie...and I'm glad to "know" you.

    Happy new year,

  2. Aww.. Thank you soo much, Patti! I am very happy to have met you, too! I hope 2012 will be just wonderful for all who we love - and for us, too! :") Thank you for all your wonderful comments!

  3. I'm sorry 2011 could have been a better year for you, but I wish you a lot of luck in 2012. And thank you for giving me such a warm welcome into the blogging community this past year. I've enjoyed reading your blog so much! I hope you have a wonderful New Year, Irene! :)

  4. Thank you Rianna! And: you're more than welcome here - your blog is wonderful! I hope you'll have a great New Year!!


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")