Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Some puppy love.. .. with Victor Borge

So... Today's guest is birthday boy

Victor Borge 

* January 3, 1909 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
† December 23, 2000 (Greenwich, Connecticut, USA)

So - how does he fit into the On The Run series??

In short:

He was born as Børge Rosenbaum and in the 1940s his parody of Adolf Hitler was quite popular (and by that famous) in Denmark - that is: he wasn't too popular with the Nazi ocupying force that he was Jewish didn't help either - so he escaped over Finland to America - and became there also very popular with mostly comic performances..

Back to Dog Tuesday:

He not only appeared on Telly with a very famous dog:

- he also had one of the coolest autograph cards ever:

~ I love that little arrow showing WHO of them is Victor Borge..~

Thank you very much for listening!

Yours (very well and) truly 



  1. Very cool, and a great picture of him with the dog. I had the privilege of seeing him perform live back in the 1990s sometime, and I have memories of a wonderful evening!

  2. Thank you, Monty!

    DKoren: That's awesome!! What a wonderful experience that must have been! Thank you for sharing this memory!


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