Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Some puppy love.. ..with Dalida

Welcome to this new issue of Some Puppy Love.. 

Todays guest is Egyptian singer, actress and todays's birthday girl (well.. one of them..) : 


* January 17, 1933 (Cairo, Egypt)
† May 3, 1987 (Paris, France)

A few words about this very, very fascinating woman:

  • She was born as Iolanda Cristina Gigliotti - which later became Yolanda Gigliotti.

  • Her mother tongue was Italian - but growing up in Cairo she also learned French and Egyptian Arabic. Actually she would later sing in several langues: French, Arabic, English, Greek, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German and Hebrew. (I think that's about it..)

Hear her sing her version of the title song of NEVER ON SUNDAY (1960):
... I just love this song..

  •  Her career went for 30 years from 1956 to 1986. She received 55 golden records - and was the first singer to receive a diamond disc.

    ~ Dalida is giving autographs - and looks just stunning. ~

  • In 1967 - shortly after they announced that they wanted to get married - her then lover Italian singer/actor Luigi Tenco commited suicide - Dalida found his death body.

~ Dalida Luigi Tenco. ~
  • Her husband Lucien Morisse also comitted suicide some years after their divorce - and so did her ex-lover the magician Richard Chanfray - who actually must have been one of the most irritating people - stating that he had several powers due to Alchemy - like making gold out of lead.. (I wonder how he happened to be broke most of his life then..) 
~ Dalida & Richard Chanfray ~

  • Also Dalida took her own life. She took some (actually too many) barbiturates and left a note saying "La vie m'est insupportable... Pardonnez-moi." which you could translate into "The life is insupportable for me... Forgive me."

When I was a child I often mixed her up with Hebrew singer and actress Daliah Lavi - to whom we listened very often.. Both had kind of a hoarse singing voice - actually something with which I share a bit with them.. 

I love both very much and I certainly hope to grow up to be as beautiful as those two women were in their "advanced youth".. - to me they were for sure..

Well.. but you're here to see some dogs - aren't you? 

So here we have Dalida with an anonymous dog - maybe a professional model..

~ epitome of showbiz - and a dog for the tender-hearted.. ~

I am quite happy to announce that Dalida  brought one of her best friends with her! 

Please say hello to Gerda - Dalida's pug!

~ two lovely ladies.. ~

Gerda looks a little irritated here.. ~

~ quite a lovely snapshot of Gerda and Dalida - this sure looks like fun! ~

And again - my favourite picture is the last in this series:

~ ... ~

Thank you all for listening!




  1. Awww, she had a pug and a collie too. Awesome!

  2. Monty, I am not sure about the Rough Collie - but Gerda (the pug) certainly lived with Dalida.


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