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Titanic - and Titanic - and Titanic.. - and again Titanic..

I always was (and still am) a bit obsessed with the famous Titanic desaster of 1912. And of course there are many films about that event.. Let's have a look at them - so when you're going to celebrate the deaths of ca. 1,600 people you might pick the one that suits you best..

~ source: THE GUARDIAN ~

There is of course the one studios think they have to re-release in "amazing 3D" for it's 100. anniversary. Very tasteful.. and very, very lucrative - I am sure of that. It is of course the 1997 version where for the first time I was able spot Kate Winslet's lovely breasts (another "thing" which became quite an obsession for me.. and thanks to Ms. Winslet - who I adore - I had the chance over many a years to have one or another glimpse at them again..). I have to confess that Leonardo DiCaprio of whom I think that he is one of the best actors there are around nowadays is not at all my type. I was not very impressed by the film itself.. I watched it in cinema with a friend who was in the end up in tears - while I was thinking about the work for the make up and costume department.. 

~ one of Kate Winslet's wonderful costumes.. ~ 

The few parts of this film I actually liked were of course the presence of Kate Winslet and Katie Bates and also the décor and gowns - but not enough to wish to watch that film ever again  I remember very well how much I loathed the theme song - and all those guys in school crying "I'm the king of the world".. (and I am sure that some of them still cry it out in some situations of their sexlife..) 

Frankly: I re-watched it once when it came in Telly because I thought: "Well.. that was years ago - you changed.. maybe your opinion of this film did, too.." Well.. actually: No. Sorry. Still think this film steals time of my life..
~ Two of the best recent actors around. - in a film I found not the best around.. ~ 

But if you like to see Leonardo DiCaprio sliping into Kate Winslet, learn how to spit and have a look at one really marvellous set this might be the film for you..

~ Bon voyage.. The main cast of TITANIC (1953)

Another version I actually prefer is the version of 1953 which has a just wonderful cast: We have some of my favourites here.. E.g. Barbara Stanwyck and Thelma Ritter - besides that Allyn Joslyn and Brian Aherne - who I both like very, very much, too. Clifton Webb is as snobby as he always is. And in Robert Wagner you'll have your gallant young hero.. 

~ Clifton Webb looking quite elegant - even in a life jacket.. He simply knew how to wear it..~

This one is the one I guess most of you will enjoy - and so especially if you are a fan of Thelma Ritter's usual snappy comments - and Barbara Stanwyck in another wonderful performance.. I really liked that one.. 

~ Charlotte Thiele & Karl Schönböck as Lady Astor and John J. Astor.. ~

So then there is one most readers of this blog won't know yet - and might even never watch: It's the German version of 1943 - which has the wonderful (and tragical) Sybille Schmitz and dashing Hans Nielsen (one of my favourite German actors) and some other famous actors of that era.. I think it is no surprise for you to learn that this film was more or less a propaganda film against everything British.. Aparently the audience was to believe that English people were more or less decadent and just a disgrace for human beings.. (...)

~ Hans Nielsen on the rescue.. ~

If you are interested in a film which is in the most very much like every other catastrophe film showing some little and not so little dramas concerning love and family and stuff like this - and in the end have some utterly absurd theses about how degenerated British people are (and this can be kind of funny - because it's so unbelievable risible..) you might pick this film for you..

~ Celia Imrie, Peter Wight, Geraldine Somerville and Linus Roache  - two couples - no friends.. ~

And then there is another version which is my favourite by now. I watched it recently. It was written by the marvellous Julian Fellowes who also wrote GOSFORD PARK (2001), DOWNTON ABBEY (2010 -2012), THE TOURIST (2010) and YOUNG VICTORIA (2009). Actually I think he is one of the best screen writers around these days. Frankly GOSFORD PARK is one of my alltime favourite films. If you ask me for my Top Ten this one will make it every single time.. And I guess most people who ever watched DOWNTON ABBEY love that one, too.. So Julian Fellowes wrote the screenplay for a TV mini series called - of course.. who would have guessed it..- TITANIC. Knowing a bit of Julian Fellowes' works you might be aware that of course also the servants and "other working" folks have quite a good share of the plot..

The first reason to watch this series was actually one of my favourite actors: Toby Jones. He might be not one of the greatest actors (actually we share the same hight.. - which feels very high but doesn't look high in Telly - or on the big screen..) - but he is one of the most versatile actors. Also a board in this version: The amazing Celia Imrie - who I also adore.. 

~ looking small but being great: Toby Jones in TITANIC (2012)

This version was the only one ever to make me cry. So: I would highly recommend this mini-series to all of you - just because it's my favourite and because it has Toby Jones and the writing skills of Mr. Fellowes..

All of the versions I presented here have of course very much the same plot. It's the plot all catastrophe films have in common. 

Just by the way: one of the most horrible things for me is the sound shortly before the Titanic (or any other ship) is going to sink.. It's a haunting sound - I hope you know what I mean..

So: What ever you are going to watch - and maybe you'll be (like me) watching something completely different from the TITANIC films..: Enjoy! 

And: keep your powder dry.. 




  1. Great post!I love Titanic too!

  2. Another Titanic obsessive here. It took me till the second episode to get into the mini-series and that was down to Toby Jones and the actress playing his wife (Maria Doyle Kennedy? Anyway, Mrs Bates from Downton Abbey!).

  3. Aww.. Thank you very much, cinemarion!

    CharmedLassie: Yes, that's Maria Doyle Kennedy of DOWNTON ABBEY fame.. - I love her character in TITANIC!
    It's one of my favourites! :")

    Thank you both so very much for your comments!!

  4. I have been obsessed with the sinking of The Titanic since I was a teenager. I've always been quite taken with the "women and children first" beliefs of those days.

    I definitely want to see the Julian Fellowes mini-series. I am quite sure it is completely fabulous.

    I do love the 1953 film...but I adore Barbara Stanwyck, so she is a huge draw for me. And that one does bring tears to my eyes...that final scene between her and Clifton Webb really gets to me.

    Have a great day!!

  5. Thank you for your comment, Patti. I think you might enjoy the Julian Fellowes version.. I can see why you like the 1953 version (I really like that one, too) - like you I adore Barbara Stanwyck. Still: It leaves me tearless.. ;")

  6. Wonderful post.. I hope to see all the movie versions of the Titanic.

    I just saw for the first time(last month), The DOWNTON ABBEY series.. My father gave me the box set for a wonderful surprise.. I absolutely loved it..

  7. Thank you, Dawn! DOWNTON ABBEY is just marvellous, isn't it? Great that you enjoyed it, too! (and it has a connection to the Titanic event also..)


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")