Saturday, 10 December 2011

Fresh from cinema.. .. Jane Eyre

I finally watched JANE EYRE (2011) in cinema

- and I love it!

In a tiny nutshell:

Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska) works - after a hard childhood - as a governess in Edward Rochester (Michael Fassbender)'s mansion - after (or because of?) some quarrels they fall for each other - but Mr. Rochester has a dark secret..

So if you are a fan of...

... beautiful filmed landscapes

... classic mystery gothic romances

... outstanding casts

please watch this film!

If you prefer classic films - you might like to watch JANE EYRE (1943)

- if you like to: read my review HERE.

I really enjoyed this new version and I love the cast! They all are amazing: I adore Michael Fassbender, who is not only unbelievable handsome but also a very, very talented actor. Mia Wasikowska is wonderful - she was in anything I saw her in yet. We don't have to talk about Judi Dench - who just with looks can say so much - and she shows that in this film very often. Jamie Bell is also an young actor I expect to go on to deliver great work - he certainly does in this film. Imogen Poots - who is in the tough spot of playing Blanche Ingram (Jane Eyre's rival in Mr. Rochester's favour) - does her part very elegantly. And we have my favourite modern actress (after Helena Bonham-Carter that is) in quite a small part: Sally Hawkins. I really, really love this cast!

Just by the way: There are of course some meanderings to the book - the film starts as kind of a retrospect - but I think that worked very fine. Oh - and I am very happy that those scenes which annoyed me so much in the book are shortened:

Adéle (Romy Settbon Moore), the little french girl Jane Eyre has to look after isn't that disagreeable (well - maybe because she is portrayed by a little girl by the name of Romy..) I can't tell about children's acting skills - but Miss Settbon Moore for sure appears quite natural in her part.

Jamie Bell's part as St. John Rivers is also less patronising. Yay for that! Ever had the urgent feeling to slap a book character? (just the feeling..)

And - I know here I might step on some toes.. - after they have some really good verbal fights in the book Rochester starts to whisper sweet nothings - too much for my opinion.. (another one I wished to slap - or at least shake a little.. at some point..) but here this is a little shortened. It's not completely free of emotions - but it's less kitschy. I really like that.

Have a look:

Thank you all for listening!



- who also loved the very natural appearances - the make up is quite invisible - if used at all.. -


  1. great review. I'mg lad you enjoyed it so much. I did too. I agree about the cast. I also loved the make-up (lack of make-up)- much more natural and believable. Didn't the girls used to pinch their cheeks back then to get a blush ;)

  2. I loved this version. I wrote a small review a while back as well :) I loved the acting, the cinematography and the music. Dario Marianelli is one of my favorite composers :)

  3. Irene, What a great review. I will have to look for this film.

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Thank you, Kate! Yes, I think they did pinch their cheeks - and wetted their fingers to shape their eyelashes and eyebrows..

    Pandora, thank you for commenting - I think especially in this film the music and the landscape shots are very well adjusted.. The soundtrack adds so very much to films..

    Thank you, Dawn! Hope you'll like this film, too!! A merry christmas to you, too!

  5. Hello Irene, Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorite books! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to seeing the latest movie version.

    Thank you so much for visiting with me and for your kind words. It's still very hard for me and I miss her deeply.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, Bonnie

    PS - I love old movies too!

  6. Hello, Bonnie! Thank you for commenting! I liked the book very much, too (though I am actually more a Wuthering Heights girl than Jane Eyre..) ;")

    Though I do not know exactly how you feel these days - I can imagine it. Luckily my two cats are alive - but I am very much afraid of the moment when they aren't anymore..

    Wishing you also a wonderful christmas!


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