Thursday, 29 December 2011

Completely havin kittens.. ..2011 wrap up - and a new one..

 Welcome to the last completely having kittens post of 2011..

This is part of a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT.

Michelle re-posted some of her favourite Cat Thursday pics, which she shared with us through 2011. I'd like to share three of them with you, too before I am going to show you twelve of my favourite this year (followed by a "brand new" one on this blog..)

Here are three I borrowed from Michelle, who posted loads of great pics beside those..: 

And my favourite of them:

Okay - here are my 12 favourite pictures I posted this year on this blog:

 I was participating on this meme before I started it here - I did it on another blog of mine NOT SOPHISTICATED (I'M THE SWEET AND SIMPLE KIND)..

Frankly - I love almost every picture I posted in this series - so I had a hard time to pick just twelve of them.. But here we go - and of course we'll end with my favourite picture of them all..

We had a lot of cats showing their pals (most of them I confess are my favourite actors):

Ava Gardner

Agnes Moorehead

 Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe

James Mason

Judy Garland

 Alain Delon

Ursula Andress
(I simply had to re-post both pictures..)

Peter Lorre

Laird Cregar

Romy Schneider

 And here is the new picture - sporting one of the few actors I dare to call by first name when talking about her (another one would be Romy Schneider..) - our cat-lady of the week is a lady who would have turned 110 years this week:

Marlene Dietrich

* Decemeber 27, 1901  Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany
† May 6, 1992 Paris, France

Thank you all for listening!




  1. Lots of great photos here, Irene. I especially like the one of Judy Garland...she and the cat are both wide-eyed...must be that book she's reading!

    Also, I got a kick out of the "You're not my real mom" poster. I can imagine my beagle Nikki saying that same thing. She's 13 years old and has a definite mind of her own.

    Happy new year,

  2. Kittens are a "must" fashion accessory for the glamorous woman! Loved all of your posts!

  3. Thank you both so very much, Patti and FlickChick!

    Patti: This "You're not my real mom" thing ... I have the same experiences with Lucy and Mina.. And this poster really made me laugh..

  4. Yes, I'm late again! I guess everybody knows about my special problem by now. ;O)

    Don't you just love those bratty fur kids smarting off at their moms? And that Riverdance one is a particular favorite. Probably because I've seen Riverdance live a few times.

    My favorite is Judy and the black cat. Great pic! I'm partial to black cats...and Judy. =O)

    Happy New Year, Irene!

  5. Michelle, I agree: that Judy Garland piture has all I love: cat, book, a little fun & Hollywood.. Just marvellous!

    Happy New Year to you, too!!

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