Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Up to the Screen - The Night Circus

Before you start wondering - the film isn't made yet. But since I just read the book - I decided that I could write about it just as well right now..

THE NIGHT CIRCUS (2011) by Erin Morgenstern

In a nut-shell:

1873-1902: Celia and Marco are fighting in a magical duel - set in the mysterious Cirque de Rêves (=Circus of Dreams). It's a circus completely in Black and White which opens only at night. The combatants  fight by "designing" magical contents for the several tents - like a garden made of ice or a tree with countless candles which shall fulfill wishes.. What they do not know: Only one of them can survive this duel - but there is a tiny problem: they fall in love with each other..

~ German cover - same titel.. just German.. ~

To be honest: I am no fan of circus - mostly because of those horrible animal acts - and because of the clowns.. When I was a little girl I befriended a girl from the circus and whenever I visited her at home I saw things that really disturbed me.. Still I did like this Night Circus.. The ideas for the tents were really nice. And I am for sure looking forward for the film which shall be released in 2013 because I can imagine that this will look very spectacular on the big screen.. 

~ The Dutch cover.. - looks like Magritte did work on that one.. ~ 

Frankly I had troubles with the book - the story is jumping from 1891 to 1902 to 1901 and back and forth and you really need some concentration for that. I thought it was a pity that there wasn't too much to be noticed of the historical background - this book could have been taken place at each and every time.. Well.. That could also be a plus - couldn't it? It's just that I love historical settings.. 

Besides it wasn't very exciting at all - the duel was really unspectacular.. After the first half I got the feeling the book was growing thicker while I read it - also a sort of magic I think and by that very fitting to the novel's theme.. There was one little sex scene which appeared quite kitschy to me - but all of that may be based in the fact that I read the German translation.. Actually I am thinking about just reading books in their original language - for I fear that so much is getting lost by translation.. So many books that were that beloved lately in USA just did not work for me.. and left me with this "uhm.. ok.. what is all the fuss about??"

~ The Slovakian cover.. ~
After I read THE NIGHT CIRCUS I almost immediately had the feeling I forgot most of the plot.. Still: In case Ms. Morgenstern writes another book I will read it - because though this review might sound a bit negative I do not at all have the feeling this book ruined my life or something - I think it really was ok. Besides: I love the name Morgenstern (which is the German word for "morning star" - and one of my favourite words in my language.. yes.. I have those..) - and I think I would love to see this face more often:

~ Don't you think this author looks enchanting??
- source:  ~

Have a look: 

(Yes.. actually a trailer for a book.. - and a beautiful trailer, too..)


About the film which is yet to come: 

I could imagine the scenes in the circus might look a bit like the black and white ball in AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (1951):

Or maybe (I do not know whether you are familiar with those..) the films by German artist Lotte Reiniger.. (about her I will post more soon.. - yes.. you got me.. I am advertising my blog posts..): 

And for sure I would like the film to have a little "Tim-Burton-esque" feeling.. 

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  1. Sounds all so interesting! Thanks Irene for sharing.

    1. Thank you for reading this post, Monty - and leaving a comment! I think the film will be amazing! And I am really looking forward to see it.


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