Friday, 1 June 2012

Fresh from cinema.. ..Snow White and the Huntsman

Well.. what better way to start a new month then with watching a film in cinema? That's actually what I did - and here is the film I just watched:

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (USA, 2012) by Rupert Sanders

In a nut-shell:

When Snow White was a little girl her father - a widowed king - (Noah Huntley) was murdered by his second wife Ravena (Charlize Theron - just amazing..) in their wedding night (yup.. just in the moment when he wanted to start the fireworks.. Say, isn't that darling, hm?).
Since then Ravena's regency together with her brother Finn (Sam Spruell) put the whole country in fear and disaster for several years. Now Snow White (Kristen Stewart) can escape - and she will come back to fight the evil queen. She also will get some help by The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth - who looks so much like my brother that I had the urgent feeling to call him.. my brother that is.. not Mr. Hemsworth..), her childhood friend William (Sam Claflin) and some very small men (Bob Hoskins, Ian McShane, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, Johnny Harris and Brian Gleeson - did you count? Yes, actually eight men. You may guess why they're just seven in the end.. Hint: It's not because one is surprisingly having a burst of growth..)

~ Yes - That's SNOW WHITE .. uhm.. AND THE HUNTSMAN.. ~

If you like...

... fairy tales...

... Charlize Theron...

... really strange coincindences...

... some of the finest actors in "mini-parts"...

... dirty fingernails... might also like this film.

~ Snow White -  Knight Bachelorette... ~

When you go to watch this film - never forget this rule: It is a fairy tale - do not ask for logic or explanations! It really was filled with strange happenstances: Snow White who is imprisoned for several years is amazingly  - besides having a great stock on candles (but no matches..) - wearing a really well fitting dress and very useful slinky pants.. Make a note: whenever you imprison your worst enemy since she/he was a child: Make sure to have a good tailor so to give them extremely well fitting clothes..
When she escapes - Surprise! - isn't that great?: there is a horse waiting for her on the beach.. Not just standing there - no, this horse couches on the beach until Snow White hops on it... Frankly: whenever I am on the run and see a horse lying on the ground: I would not just jump on it's back because I hope it might run away with me.. but that's just me..
There were several other things which were just presented to the audience - though they did not really make sense.. I am not asking a fantasy film to be realistic - but I do ask for films not treating their audience like all of them were idiots.. There were some points which are much "worse" (not really world shaking but worse than just that what I named before) - but I have trouble to point them out without going too much into detail..
That is actually the only point which irritated me - in the whole I liked that film.. Especially the visual tricks were great. How could I not love a film in which I get corvids and butterflies and a heroine called Ravena? What? She wasn't the heroine? oh.. well.. Never mind.. Charlize Theron was just wonderful! And when I wasn't already loving her - now I would be for sure! I also loved that here the evil Queen actually had a background story - it was kind of explaining why she acted the way she did.

The whole cast is amazing!  The little men were portrayed by really awesome actors! How could I not enjoy that! Intrestingly though some of them you would never think of as being small men in real life they all appeared like they were about 4'1'' /1,24m or so.. I mean: Brian Gleeson has "in real life" a height of 5'11''/1,80m - not very small in my book I must say.. but well.. I share the height of Toby Jones.. (5'5''/1,65m)

~ looking and acting great: Charlize Theron as Ravena ~

I think I have found a theme for this year: the aging and the vain woman.. I like both Snow White versions I watched this year in cinema - and I think together they would make a great double feature or themed movie night.. Though I think young children might prefer MIRROR MIRROR and be a bit scared by SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN. Actually this film was less scary then I expected it - not a single moment I was startlet..

Have a look:

So.. If you would like to see a film which I would describe as "LORD OF THE RINGS meets JOAN OF ARC" or "LORD OF THE RINGS for girls".. - maybe you'll give it a try - and spent about 127 minutes in this fantastic and not always reasonable film. 

~ ... ~

Thank you very much for listening!

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  1. Excellent review and post Irene. I so want to see this film too. And from your description it sounds amazing. And I did not the dwarves were played by such notable actors like Hoskins, McShane, Gleeson, etc. Cool! And love the pics you chose to post. Awesome!

    1. Thank you very much, Monty! I hope you're going to enjoy it! The little men really were amazing - those actors for sure could do more but their parts were in uhm.. many aspects small.. Great that you like the pictures, Monty!

  2. I can't wait to see this film! My hubby has no desire to accompany me so if I can't talk one of my daughters into it, I'm taking myself to the matinee this week!

    Thank you for the fabulous review!

    1. Hey, Rapunzel! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you're going to enjoy this film!! Thank you so very much for your kind words!

  3. I can not wait to see this film! It looks really good... Thank you for the awesome review..

    1. Thank you, Dawn! Glad you liked it! I do so hope you like it - Charlize Theron and her costumes were just amazing.. I really enjoyed this film (besides my little irritations..) and I do so hope you will, too!


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