Thursday, 7 June 2012

Completely having kittens - and announcement of me joining another blogathon..

Here we are again.. The weekend is near..

 and here is a new issue for a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT:

But first: Little Arya, Michelle's youngest cat, had a little accident and we wish the best for her. I know she is already fine by now - and certainly hope that never again she will have an accident like that. 

Before I will post my cat picture for this week I want to announce that I will take part in Monty's CINEMATIC WORLD TOUR BLOGATHON (<- there's a link in case you want to learn more or join us..) 

I am still unsure what to write about but I think I will write about some films set in Germany - and two of them will be actually German and feature some vacations.. I was also thinking about one or two reviews of films set in Italy - for since my childhood I wish for a trip to Italy - and there are so many great films set there..  Well.. I will see - and I hope you will see, too...

So - here is my guest for today - a really refined gentleman who I love so very, very much:

Edward G. Robinson..

And for he knows that for a voyage you better take your love ones with you 

- here he is with all he loves:
~ Isn't he gorgeous? I love how the glasses suit him  - and the cat.. ~

Thank you very much for listening!



  1. Irene, I'm really looking forward to your choices for Monty's Cinematic World Tour. It should be fun to take a vacation with German cinema (Menschen am Sonntag is one of my absolute favorites).

    1. Yes.. MENSCHEN AM SONNTAG was one of those films I thought about writing about it for I love it, too..

  2. What a fantastic picture! Cat under his arm, birdcage in his hand. Love it!

    1. Yes.. the essential parts.. ;") I love this picture too - and I am glad that you enjoy it also!

  3. I read this post last night and tried to leave a comment, but I wasn't plugged in and my computer ran out of battery. So, I will try again today.

    I am with you on that trip to Italy!! I yearn to go there with an extreme intensity!!

    I will look forward to hearing about your German films; no, I don't speak German, but it will be nice to see snippets of a country that I'm sure is very beautiful.

    Hope you're enjoying a great day.

    1. Thank you very much, Patti! Sorry to hear about those problems last night.. Glad that it wasn't something more serious.

      Hope I can find something interesting for you among those German films.. ;")

      Italy is a country to dream of.. that's for sure..

      Hope your day is equally nice as mine is..

  4. Great photos! Edward G. Robinson and cats...who would have thought? And I love those vintage images too. Lovely!

    I'll try to check out some of your posts (and Monty's), if I get a chance. =O)

    1. Great that you like them, Michelle! Would be lovely if you can make it.. :")

  5. Cool picture!

    Sounds like a fun blogathon. I don't think I know enough about movies to join.

    I've always wanted to visit Italy too! : )

    1. Hi Joseph!

      I think you could also join even if you "just" post about your favourite films which are matching the theme. :")

      That's cool about you wanting to visit Italy, too.. Must be wonderful.. (well.. in my imagination it for sure is..)


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