Monday, 25 July 2011

No guest - but a friend


Remember me announcing that Monty Hawes of ALL GOOD THINGS would be my guest at this blog in July?

Well.. I am really not good in making plans and afterwards actually doing as I planned.. - I am not organized at all – but ~ ahem ~ who wants me to be organized?

- See!! Would be dull, wouldn’t it?

So instead of having Monty as a guest for one month.. ..he now is co-writer of this blog!

Whenever you’ll find a well done post with more of a proper spelling and written in a very good style – it might be one of Monty’s posts.. – or it’s by Dorothy Parker..

(I just love her..)

But first you have to know Monty a bit, I think.. So - let’s start with that:

For me the blogosphere is like attending a giant party – there are some groups everywhere talking about different things - like we’re here about films. At this point I like to say:

Thank you - to all who “listened to” and “talked with” me!! Let there always be good conversation and love for films!!

I hope you can follow the party scenario then this is how it will be going..

Please join me in this!

Ok. Let's start:

Imagine you at this giant party – no dress code.

You may wear just jeans and T-shirt - or you wear your favourite fancy outfit..

.. like Miss Turner does:

("Gorgeous, really gorgeous, Lana!!")

- or do it like Ringo:

("Oh, come on! Starrs have to shine, dear!!")

Grab some drink - whatever suits you..

(May I present? Our favourite barkeeper - Mr. Newman .. - just by the way: "Too much ice, Paul!! How often do have I to tell you: we don't need to be housewifely with the drinks?!?!")

..and try some snacks..

(Doesn't this just look delicious?? Miss Monroe tested every cake herself..

- "Thank you so much for your commitment, Marilyn!!")

Ok, do you feel fine?

Everything ok?


So now listen:

Sometime ago (last year to be specific) I “joined” a "little" group (ok - this is understated.. 140 followers right now!!) at this giant party and the guy who led the conversation was bold enough to compare two different films to each other – it was BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S (1961) versus BUTTERFIELD 8 (1960) – plus:


Can you imagine that??

I was struck all of a heap!

Ok – perfect moment to reveal that I am no fan of BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S . Yeah - Holly is a great character, yeah – MOONRIVER is a great song, yeah – there is a cat in it – but still..

..well, and I just love BUTTERFIELD 8...

- anyhow:

I left a comment – he visited my film blog (back then it was just me – more or less) and became my first official follower here. (Thank you sooo much, Monty!!)

Later we did a certain festival together – Does a bell ring when I say “Beware these women”? – and while emailing and chatting we became friends – well, today he is actually one of my best friends..

Do you still picture the party scenery? Are you still comfortable?

Great! Because now I want my first follower and actually very good friend Monty (yeah! Who would have ever guessed that I am talking about Monty Hawes.. I hardly mentioned his name..) to step out of the crowd and tell a bit about himself

– he is just waiting for me to finally shut up - I know.. ;")

Please nod at him and/or give him a big lovely smile

– don’t applaud because I don’t want him to get nervous.. ;"p –

Here he is:

So, Monty - if you, please?


  1. Wow! What an amazing post Irene. I enjoyed every bit of it. I like how you chose the perfect pic to capture the meaning of what you were writing. It's awesome! And I got to be the first to comment on it. How cool is that. So in that last pic you're Ava and I'm Frank? I look like I'm about to explode. Funny. Thanks for the great introduction Irene. I hope I live up to the hype.

  2. Thank you very, very much, Monty - I did so hope that you would like it.. Glad that you like the pics!

    Well.. yes.. I thought the Ava/Frank pic just suits the situation.. ;")

    Too much hype? Oh.. But you'll make it! I am sure of that!


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")