Thursday, 14 July 2011

Completely having kittens (2)

(This is a meme hosted by lovely Michelle at THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT )

And again it's Thursday..

..which means: some wellknown guys and girls will present us their feline company..

But first this:

Maybe I was a bit unclear in my last "Completely having kitten"- post:

Dawn's Pawsome Pet Pics at her blog NOIR AND CHICK FLICKS (<- please visit here..) also includes cat pics, too!!

So - okay - who's our guest here today?

It's a very young Alain Delon

- with a very young fluffy friend..


  1. Oh how cute... both of them! lol

  2. That's a great pic! The contrast of large figure beside tiny figure. That kitten is beyond adorable.

  3. So tiny and sweet. I love the retro feel to your blog, too. Wonderful.

  4. haha - Tampy BookWorm, you're right.. ;") Glad you like them both.. ;")

    Yvonne: Unbelievable how tiny kittens are, isn't it? ;")

    Michelle, thank you - and again impressed how good you can put what I see in words.. ;")

    Thank you very, very much, Kat. Hope you will enjoy it furthermore.. ;")

  5. Oh -gosh! I am such an idiot! Please forgive me: It's of course TAMPA Bookworm.. I am so sorry!!!

  6. My gosh... look at that little face. Pawsome picture!!

  7. It's a cute little cat, isn't it, Dawn? I could have posted it without Alain Delon at all.. - Well.. maybe not.. ;")


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