Thursday, 28 July 2011

Completely having kittens (4)

This is part of a meme hosted by Michelle @ THE TRUE BOOK ADDICT.

Today's friend of a cat is my dear, dear Laird Cregar.

He and the cat appeared together in HANGOVER SQUARE (1945) - it was Laird Cregar's last film - I do not know about the further career of the cat.. - but obviously both had a very piercing glance:

- and just by the way: it is Laird Cregar's birthday today! Congrats, dear!!

Another birthday child today is lovely Joe E. Brown - who kindly enough shows us some dance steps - without any cat I have to confess..

I don't know about you - but I just love both men..


  1. Gorgeous men and gorgeous cats - great combination.

  2. You know, Kat - I think "this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship".. ;")

  3. Never heard of Laird, but he was handsome. Beautiful kitty! I LOVE siamese cats. =O)

  4. aah.. Michelle - another one to share my love for Siamese cats.. ;") Nice! And glad that we agree about Laird Cregar, too - though he wouldn't have cared much for our kind.. ;")


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