Saturday, 30 July 2011

It's The Irene Palfy Show....

So me and Irene had been talking about how witty and funny she is and I stated she should have her own variety show ala Carol Burnett. So this post will be describing how I think the Irene Palfy Show would go..have patience with me, since this is the first episode.

So the screen fills up with some snazzy music and shots of Hanover, where Irene lives. She is walking down the street, smiling and greeting all those she meets. Kind of like Marlo Thomas from That Girl or Mary Tyler Moore. It definitely has a 60's feel to it. She is dressed in bright colors and is just happy go lucky. The camera pulls back and the title says....THE IRENE PALFY SHOW.
Then we cut to a live audience ala Carol Burnett and the announcer says "Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Irene Palfy". The audience cheers and claps with thunderous applause. The curtain goes up and Irene walks out waving to the audience. Dressed in a long black dress Irene starts clapping herself and says "Hi everybody. Welcome to my show. The first and hopefully not last show that you will see me in". The audience laughs.

Irene speaks "So my good friend Monty from All Good Things is the brains behind this mad little exercise and he wanted to help launch my show. So I figured what the hay..let's do it. So bear with me as this is my first time before such a large crowd." Irene pauses and then says "Are you guys sure you're at the right show? I mean its me Irene Palfy. I'm no superstar. Well not yet anyway"
The crowd responds with laughter as Irene walks back and forth on the stage.

"Well I just want to say what's on tap for the show tonight. My special guest will be Sir Sean Connery..the original James Bond". the crowd cheered immediately and wildly.

"Wow. A lot of Connery fans here. Or is it Bond fans? I will let you guys in on a secret..I really don't know too much about James Bond. Monty has been kind of enough to educate me in the history of Bond, but I really had no knowledge of this character. Let's keep that between us. Don't need to tell Sean that ok?" She makes the shush sound with her finger to her mouth.

"So guys I want to open the floor up to some Q&A right quick before we start the show...Yes you sir in the front.."

"So Ms Palfy do you like play any instruments or such?"
"No sir..not too much. I mean I could but I don't want to drive anyone away, if you know what I mean. Ok next ma'am in the back"

"Is this your first show that you have ever done?"
Irene pauses "Why yes it is ma'am. But I hope to be doing this for awhile now. If you guys can bear with me."
A young woman raises her hand to speak.."Do you have a signature move or something? You know like how Carol Burnett used to do her Tarzan yell."
Irene responds with a laugh " Not really. I hadn't thought of that. I don't know really. I can meow pretty good, I think"
Everyone starts laughing.
"But I guess I do need to come up with something. I tell you what I will work on that and as the season progresses, I hope to have something that I can call my own. The Palfy maybe. OK"

"Alright everybody just sit back and enjoy the rest of the show. We'll be right back."

The audience claps and the screen fades to black and when it comes back, Irene is sitting at her desk on stage talking with Sir Sean Connery.

"So my dear Irene. How did it happen I was your first guest?" Sean asks
"My friend Monty thought it would be a good idea for you to come on first". Irene responds
Sean says "Excellent. So my dear have you seen a lot of my films?"
Irene says "Oh god yes. You're a living legend Mr. Connery. The first James Bond and all"

Sean says "I see. And tell me what was your favorite Bond film of mine?"
Irene says "Beg your pardon?"

Sean says "You know the one you like the most"
The audience begin ooooohhhhing and ahhhhing...
Irene "Well they were all great Mr. Connery"
"Call me Sean my dear" he says
And Irene then says as if a light bulb goes off in her head "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE!"
Sean says "But of course. A lot of women seem to prefer that one. The romance and the scenery. It was one of my favorites as well."
Irene then says "Well Mr. Connery...I mean Sean, it was so nice of you to come in to my show. I really appreciate that."
Sean says "No trouble at all my dear." Sean then grabs Irene's hand and then kisses it before walking off the stage.

Irene is left with her audience saying "Whew! I almost blew that one didn't I. If it wasn't for Monty's recent lesson on Russia I would have been in trouble. "

Irene gets up and yells out "Ok someone let Heidi know its time for her to come out next. In the meantime where are the dancers?
Dancers come out dressed in colorful costumes with feathers and in heels dancing to some Dean Martin tunes. The audience is just loving it. After several skits and another guest appearance, Irene comes back out for the final time.

"I want to thank everyone that came out tonight for my first show and I hope that you all enjoyed it. And we will try this again next week. Cue me some Dean Martin music guys.."
Irene starts doing a little dance as the music plays and the screen slowly goes to black....THE END.
Everyone please come back next week when Irene's special guests will be The girls of CHARLIE'S ANGELS: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu.

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  1. Blimey, Monty!!

    Loved it!! Did I laugh.. ... gee...

    ..but I'll sure have to watch what I am saying from now on, haven't I?


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