Saturday, 4 August 2012

Seven - minus one - days of.. ..Marilyn Monroe

As you will know tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. And though I'd like to remember her on every day of the year and not "just because it's her anniversary or her birthday" and blogland and all other media will be full of bits and pieces about her I will do my share, too.. You know that I either totally refuse on doing what all people do - or just carry it to excess.. So of course on this blog it'll be six posts about Marilyn Monroe.. 

So.. for a starter it might be reasonable to tell you why I love Marilyn Monroe so much. I actually own at least 11 books about her of which most of course are illustrated books.. And: yes, she is one of my favourite persons ever - which is not so much based in her acting ability but more in what I think was her personality and where we do resemble each other.. - Oh, come on! We all like people because they have something in common with us.. - or because we think we can sense kind of a resemblance.. Here are some things I like about Marilyn Monroe and what makes me love her so much:

1. For me it is in first place that I can totally relate to her feeling of being uncertain, unsafe and doubtful. That is not nice - especially when you're living in a world that asks for tough persons -  and it sure affects the way you're acting towards people.. No wonder that she was called "difficult"... This excessive vulnerability is something we have in common - and even if it is egocentric to love her because of that - I am honest. That's the way it is. I simply feel like we were sisters in mind.. Knowing she was having the same troubles makes me feel less lonely.. Besides that: many of the characters she would play in her career are a lot like me in several aspects - but I think I will talk about that later..

2. Of course: she is a style icon to me.. No wonder since I am a fan of 1940s to 1950s fashion - and we both are not actually built like sticks.. I will do a post on that topic too, of course. Her costumes - not the "not built like sticks"-bit.. For now I can say that though I am not at all copying her style and way of dressing since I am no Marilyn Monroe impersonator - I get much inspiration from her.

3. She loved animals. Enough said. You like animals? I am most likely going to like you. It's easy as that with me. 

4. She wanted to please people. It was important to her that people were happy - and so am I, too..

5. She was an avid reader - and several of the books she read were classics - though she took also some interest into other topics - she was eager to learn stuff and broaden her horizon -  and yes.. I like that.

Well.. That'll be that for the moment.. I am working on a post about my favourite leading men of hers, too.. Actually I have several ideas for posts right now.. I'll see which ideas will live to see the dawn of the day.. Tomorrow I won't post about her - I leave that to other blogs.. 

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  1. I can tell this is gonna be a wonderful series on Marilyn. Glad you chose her Irene. WOW! You own 11 books of her..I only have two. Impressive! And you chose some wonderful photos..I had never seen that last one of her. Cool! Can't wait for the rest of this series!

    1. Thank you, Monty! Actually I am not sure about how many books there actually are - but on first counting there were 11 books.. Another one I actually dumped as it was just awful.. I do that seldomly.. but really that one made me kind of furious - and for it was used and pretty worn out..

      Glad that you like the pictures! Can't wait to visit your fb-album when I am done with this series!!! :")

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, cinemarion! Glad you like it! :")

  3. There was something about Marilyn. I think they call it 'it'. She was beautiful and I imagine really kind and loving. My collection is also filled with Marilyn related books. Thanks for the great pics.

    1. Agree, Emma! And: thank you for commenting! It's great to have you here as a follower! :") Glad you liked the pics, too!!


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