Sunday, 12 August 2012

Seven - minus one - days of.. ..Marilyn Monroe (2)

Since I am doing this series of Seven - minus one - days of.. ..Marilyn Monroe I want of course to talk about her costumes.. 

And since I have also a series called Perfectly Peachy on this blog dealing with my fashion idols - well.. I actually did just one post tagged with this label - and if you hear that the other style icon of mine is a Hungarian Mouse by the name of Bianca you might wonder about my style.. Nevertheless these series just fit into each other here today..

When it comes to costumes in Marilyn Monroe films I think I will go with one of my favourite films of hers.. No.. Two of my favourite films of hers as examples:

NIAGARA (USA, 1953) by Henry Hathaway and THE MISFITS (USA, 1961) by John Huston.  I love the clothes she is wearing in those films... And I will talk just about the costumes.. 

Especially NIAGARA might be my favourite film when it comes to shoes.. Oh.. please! Who of you is surprised to learn that I have a very soft spot for heels?? So of course I will watch out for nice shoes in movies.. I like the style of 1940s and 1950s shoes best just by the way.. And I also love nice negligees, lingerie and stockings.. - like these:

So back to these films.. I actually would love to have all of the costumes Marilyn Monroe wore in these flicks.. I simply adore every single piece. 

In NIAGARA Marilyn Monroe wore some really classy costumes.. And if you look carefully you can spot a little golden anklet - a chain on her ankle - she is wearing.. I love those.. Hers had actually two little golden pendants in shape of little hearts. 

One of my favourite costumes in this film is her black skirt with a white blouse and a red jacket.. 

~ see those shoes??? I love them!! ~

and then her white skirt with a red top:

~ simple - yet sexy.. ~

and I also love the black costume she wears in her last scenes.. 

~ very classy - and again my favourite shoes.. ~

But after all I love all her costumes here..

~ very elegant - right?
And again: please mind the heels! I love those, too!! ~


My favourites are of course  - the beautiful black dress:

Then there is this lovely outfit with jeans and a short white blouse - I love that one, too..

I also like this combination of a really pretty blouse and blue jeans 
- I am actually not that fond of the boots.. 

And of course the famous cherry dress... 

Well.. I guess I better stop here..

What? You didn't see the anklet I was talking about??

Have another look:

~ see: there next to the one strap.. ??~

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(who actually owns one similar outfit to the ones Marilyn Monroe wore in NIAGARA - just look:) 


  1. Great idea for a theme Irene, focusing on the wardrobe of marilyn in films. And you started off with some great choices. Well I have seen Niagara a few times so I know about those but have yet to see The Misfits but I have seen pics of her from that film. Now when you get to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and seven Year Itch, oh boy..she wore some killer outfits in those two as well. Excellent post Irene!

    1. Glad you like it, Monty.. Thank you so very much again for your kind words!

      Love the SEVEN YEAR ITCH outfits very much,too.. Just wanted to keep this post uhm.. clear.. I could go on for ages about her outfits.. I think Marilyn Monroe will appear regularly in the "Perfectly Peachy series" on this blog.. ;")


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