Monday, 13 August 2012

Seven - minus one - days of.. ..Marilyn Monroe (3)

Welcome to a new issue of

Seven - minus one - days of.. ..Marilyn Monroe!!


Yay it's Monday again!! .







yes.. Since Mondays are a real challenge for so many people - on this blog I have a series called Start with a smile -  posting pictures which show people having fun - or simply making me smile.. I like people smiling.. 

And here is some nice idea for the coming week - illustrated by my guest Marilyn Monroe..

Because we all need a hug at times.. 

(I am actually needing one right now, too...)

But have Marilyn Monroe and Susan Strasberg showing you some ideas on how to hug:

This one is my favourite:

Thank you very much for visiting!

I do hope you all have someone to hug!

Have a nice start into your week!



  1. Love it Irene! thanks for the wonderful start into this brand new week!

  2. I'm loving these pictures. Sometimes I wish blogger had a "like" button, such as Wordpress. That way people know you visited. I adore those glasses. Oh, and here's a hug (((((hug))))).

    1. Glad you like it, Kate.. :") Thank you so very much for that hug.. I needed one.. just like now.. and it's nice to find one here.. :")


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