Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Seven - minus one - days of.. ..Peter Sellers

Yes.. and another thing I would like to try out.. Since I am quite obsessive at times and then watch all films of a certain actor/director/theme or something the like in a row it is kind of natural that I will talk mostly about this topic/person then - so.. why not talk here? And to give me a little free space I will give me one day off. Therefor I call it "Seven - minus one - days of..

Since you all saw the title of this post it won't be a surprise that my current obsession is (again - though I did not talk about him here yet..) 

Peter Sellers

So you will see this face quite a lot on this blog for this week..:

So while I will do a little Peter Sellers marathon I will tell you about the films I watch - and recommend one or two.. - and also post other related stuff..

I started this little Peter Sellers-athon with

  THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT (USA, 1964) by George Roy Hill

Based on a novel by Nora Johnson it is about two teenagers (Mary Spaeth and Tippy Walker) who start following (well.. nowadays we would call that stalking..) famous pianist and playboy Henry Orient (Peter Sellers) and by that affecting his love life..
One of the ladies is wonderful Paula Prentiss as a prissy lady-love and another my beloved Angela Lansbury wicked and not as shy as Miss Prentiss...
~ mischievous gals .. ~
It is partly one of those early 1960's sex comedies - with not soo much sex.. Uhm.. Maybe "untouched sex comedy" would be the right term.. It's great - and I love all those characters.. and even the small parts are played by very well-known and beloved actors like John Fiedler with his distinctive voice - or Al Lewis who most people will know in full make-up as Grandpa in TV show THE MUNSTERS and who has an appearance here as a shop owner.. 

Also Tom Bosley is in it.. He was Sheriff Amos Tupper in TV series MURDER SHE WROTE which had Angela Lansbury as the leading lady - here Tom Bosley and her are a married couple.. Not actually happily married - though he is one of the cutest and most understanding characters ever. Angela Lansbury is less cute here but really quite nasty - and for sure she knows what she wants.. - or who.. 

~ Peter Sellers - uhm.. no.. - Henry Orient fan club.. ~

Like so very often she has a marvellous scene in which she enters a restaurant - and believe me: If there was a contest for an actress who could do an impressive entrance scene I would always vote for Angela Lansbury!

Paula Prentiss is so unbelievable funny as a woman willing but too nervous to have an actual affair with Peter Sellers' character that I really hope you will check it out.. She gives him for sure what I think in US slang is called "blue balls" - the German term would be meaning "gentleman's pains"..   

~ absolutely gorgeous: Angela Lansbury showing a really low cutted dress.. ~ 

I like this film very much - but have not seen it for years. I remember that I first watched it as a teenager and I never got over this silken pajamas Peter Sellers wore there.. (or over that Zebra skin..) It stuck in my head.. I really could not forget about it..

I think it is remarkable that during filming THE WORLD OF HENRY ORIENT Peter Sellers actually was stalked by an a bit too avid fan..

Actually I am highly in love with Peter Sellers.. Yes.. He is one of the most handsome actors around in my opinion - and before you yell out about it: I am aware of his cosmetic surgeries.. But besides his good looks he was not only funny - but also a very versatile actor - and he was also very bright.. What I find most interesting: He had several darker sides. I am very much interested into those people with problems, the insecure and sad ones - the non-perfect ones.. 

I think you can see this sadness in Peter Sellers's eyes at times - and I think that makes him very likeable. Well.. for now that should be enough.. I will go on sing my songs about Peter Sellers for some days now..

Thank you all very much for listening!




  1. What a wonderful post Irene! I have heard of this film but never have seen it..maybe TCM will bring it on soon. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

    1. Aww.. thank you, Monty! I think you might enjoy this film! I really recommend it!

  2. I did catch this on cable a few months ago. I think it might have been on MGM-HD or MoviePlex, though. It would be perfect for TCM. I LOVED it!

  3. Great post, I'm a Peter Sellers fan as well. He was a very interesting man.


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