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Little Calendar Girl - Friday 13

Haha.. gottcha! In case you were reading my last post with Peter Sellers and the cats you might have guessed that I was writing about WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT (France/ USA, 1965) now.. Well. no.. I am not.. This is the one day off Peter Sellers post! Yesterday was Friday 13 - and I want to share one film with you which is actually set on this date. For those who do not know: Little Calendar Girl is a new series on this blog dealing with films matching a certain date - or maybe theme.. Actually this post was planned for yesterday - but I had some troubles here.. So please forgive me the delay.. And since the idea was to post it yesterday I will have to break a rule which says not to post more than one post a day and post another post for my Peter Sellers series later on today.. 

Now I know that a lot people would consider Friday 13 a day for horror flicks (I am with you on that just by the way.. I like it when films give me a little bit the creeps.. more fun with someone to hide behind of course..) - still there are a lot of people out there who would prefer something more... uhm.. nice. So while I guess that there are billions of blogs out there helping you to find the perfect Friday 13 horror film - I chose something completely different..

Since this film is also kind of an advertisement film for this certain continent  I will make it another entry of mine for Monty's Cinematic World Tour Blogathon.. 

The film I will recommend is

THE THREE CABALLEROS (USA, 1944) by Norman Ferguson 

It's just a small detail - but it is true: this film is set on a Friday 13.. It's Donald Duck's birthday and he receives presents from his cousins from South America.. Of course this presents contain little Disney films - all set in South America.. Like the story of Pablo - a little penguin who does not like the cold weather at South Pole and travels north with his best friend (an oven by the wonderful name of Smoky Joe..).. 

~ The sequence of Pablo and Smoky Joe is narrated by matchless
 Sterling Holloway.. ~

Or we have the story of Gauchito and his flying donkey..

~ Gauchito meets his future best friend - and partner in crime.. ~
Besides these stories there are Donald's cousins actually visiting him: José Carioca of Brazil and Panchito of Mexico. Together they will also travel to several spots of South America - and this time it'll be a mixture of trick sequences and real persons.. To be honest: those are my favourite parts of this film - especially a scene in which Donald chases bikini girls in Acapulco..

But actually all the girls in this film are really gorgeous - and Donald surely thinks so, too - well.. as said in the film: he really is "a little wolf in duck's clothing"... 

I am highly fascinated by the fact that those stories all have very different styles.. Just compare these:

And how about this one:

Isn't that just beautiful?? Also the music just makes me feel very.. I do not know....

And as I told you - I love the scenes which contain all those beautiful girls best.. have a little example here:

Don't you just love when Donald wents up to that girl and starts his flirt with: "Hi, toots!"??  Also his dancing style is soo very, very 40s.. Well.. you might be aware that the 1940's are one of my favourite decades..

The ladies who star in this film were 

Aurora Miranda of Brazil, 

Carmen Molina of Mexico


Dora Luz also of Mexico

and for those of you who are interested into faces to the voices you'll hear:

Donald Duck is spoken by...

Clarence Nash

José Carioca 


José Oliveira - here he is with his film alter ego - and Donald Duck with Walt Disney..




Joaquin Guaray 
- who must have been one of the best looking fellas in the whole world of this decade..

I think this film is lovely - of course it is full of clichées.. but still I like it.. it's beautiful like a fairytale.. 

And for those who by now actually want to see the whole film - here you are.. 71 minutes of South American fantasies.. Enjoy!:

(You are welcome..)

I hope you enjoyed your Friday 13!

Thank you so very much for visiting!


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