Friday, 6 July 2012

Little Calendar Girl.. - International Kissing Day

Yes.. It's true! Today is International Kissing Day! And what a perfect day to start another new series here - this one will feature films set on special dates or films which fit into other themes like which films are set on rainy days etc.. Well.. since you know me and my blog you will be aware that I'll try to stay away from this awful boring lists you can find a billion of all over blogland.. I try to.. maybe one day I'll give in and start to be like everybody else.. So it might be no surprise that I chose International Kissing day for my first post of this series - right?

Here is the icon for this series - well.. one of them.. I think I might use several Calendar girls.. 

- though of course for me is every day a Doris Day..

today I am celebrating one of my favourite holidays..

Let me repeat it: International Kissing Day!

Most people enjoy kissing - I for one did. Yes.. it feels like ages since I kissed for the last time.. *sigh*.. - you can read from many sources that kissing is healthy and stress-reducing.. - Gosh.. I should kiss soon again - I mean: obviously I owe it to my well-being - don't I? -

Of course there are several films you can watch today in which there are kissing scenes.. There are so many of them that it probably would be easier to name films WITHOUT kisses.. - but of course completely wrong for today..

Here I am going to name a few so that you can choose maybe one of those:

Film kisses can be

Schmaltzy and iconic:

~ source: ~

Yes.. Yes.. of course.. My beloved Vivien Leigh and ... well.. Clark Gable in GONE WITH THE WIND (1939). Not my favourite kiss but I think everyone knows this picture.

Uncomfortable and strangely dressed:

That famous scene from SPIDERMAN (2002)- Frankly, I do not get what's so cool about that one.. I like the films but this position won't lead to much more action.. Besides that it is raining and he will be smelling like a wet dog in this suit.. - and very likely also when he got it off.. 

A bit enforced but cute:

I love LADY AND THE TRAMP (1955) - but I have to confess whenever people in film "have" to kiss because she falls into his arms by accident or something the like I call it a Lady and Tramp kiss.. " ooh-ooo.. nooo-hoo! .. what a coincidence.. ..."

Wet and gritty:

I love FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953)- but more for several actors and less for this scene.. Yours Irene would not care for doing someone like Burt Lancaster on the beach.. He is too handsome.. That's boring..

French and trashy:

CRY BABY (1990) is one of my favourite films.. I like a little trash at times.. But still this really exhausting kissing scenes are.. uhm.. well.. But Johnny Depp and director John Waters put so much pathos in it that I just think it's funny.. 

Fabulous and sleep depriving: 

 SLEEPING BEAUTY (1959).. Maybe my favourite Disney film.. It for sure has my favourite villainess, a really nice and funny prince and  also a wonderful soundtrack.. 

International and bloody:

SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999) - one of my favourite recent films.. This one forever changed my point of view for kissing a person with sharp teeth.. Christopher Walken as "the Hessian Horseman" and by that obviously German *ahem .. no further comment..* kissed Miranda Richardson in a way that really looked ... painful.. Especially on Big Screen in Cinema.. That very same year I met a guy who used to bite me when we kissed.. - No, he was no Hessian.. 

I could name a few films more - but I am actually a bit tired.. Maybe I will do kind of a "kissing series"... There are so many pictures in my files with people kissing or about to...

Here is my film for today - and please keep in mind: When it first was released people found it a scandal and called it pornography.. It's just a few seconds of film: THE KISS (1896):

I do not know about you - but I prefer to kiss in private (by that I might be very 1896-ish)  since I can be very avid.. (by that I a might not be that 1896-ish..) .. ahem.. ... yes... ... where was I?-

Do you have favourite kissing scenes? 

Actors or actresses you dream of kissing? 

Or some stars you would never kiss -  like Clark Gable for me.. 
(reportedly his breath wasn't the sweetest in Hollywood.. - but even if.. uhm.. no.. thank you very much..)

Well.. where and who ever you like to kiss - and in case you have some one to do so:

Please, enjoy this wonderful day and some sweet kisses..

If you do not have a person to kiss...


I'll blow you one kiss..

Thank you very much for.. ..kissing!


- the girl who maybe never will get kissed again 

*insert melodramatic music*


  1. Very cool post Irene and some great choices in film that you chose. I for one did not know it was International Kissing Day. Thanks for letting us all know and I can't wait to see more of this wonderful new series!

    1. Thank you very much, Monty! Great that you enjoyed it.. Hope I can come up with something good for the next issue..


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