Monday, 25 April 2011

Beware these women! - They beat it!

You should be careful: Some of the film women are not afraid to use their fist (or anything else in reaching distance...)

When film women have a quarrel they may solve it very sophisticated - like Angèle (Taina Elg) and Sybil (Kay Kendall) in LES GIRLS (1957) - and sue each other.

Or they try it more hand-tight like their friend Joy (Mitzi Gaynor), who simply hits Barry (Gene Kelly) with a framed picture..

Marlene Dietrich and Una Merkel did a very turbulent fighting-scene in DESTRY RIDES AGAIN (1939):

The best-known catfight ever is probably the fight between Rosalind Russell and Paulette Goddard in THE WOMEN (1939):

- and my favourite fight between a man and a woman is probably

Judy Garland beating Gene Kelly up in THE PIRATE (1948):

(That gal played softball, you know?)

Seems like a lot of trouble for Mr. Kelly here, right? Well, he deserved it - and of course made good for all in the end..

(That old charmer.)

So, finally we have myself caught in a cat-fight:

~ I am the one wearing blue jeans.. ~




  1. Judy in The Pirate is my favourite scene of hers in that movie, possibly ever. Absolutely fantastic!

  2. I can only agree with you! She is hilarious! :")

  3. You picked two of the greatest cinematic women fights ever..The Women and Destry Rides Again. In Destry I was actually pulling for Una to beat the crap out of Marlene...not that I don't like's just nice to see the underdog win sometimes. Great post Irene. How did your catfight end?

  4. Hi Irene,
    how you are things going for you ? Sure hope fine. Thanks for visiting my blogs, back at the Forever Jann blog, please visit when you feel like.
    Happy Spring-

  5. Monty,
    I had the same feelings for Una. ;")
    About the catfight: I fell from the couch - and the cats were cuddling up to each other.. (I think they planned this..)


    love to hear your "voie" again! :") Have a happy spring time, too!!

  6. To Jann: I meant to write "voice".. *sigh* ;")


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