Saturday, 30 April 2011

Beware these Women! Festival April 2011 - closing scene

Now the festival is over..

I hope that you had fun with our BEWARE THESE WOMEN Festival in April 2011 – I surely enjoyed it!

Thank you all for following it – and this blog!

And: Thank you to Monty, who came up with the idea of doing a cross-over - and thank you to Dawn, who joined us - both of them made awesome posts.

And - which I love most about it - without having a great agreement we all did our posts in so much different styles. It was great - and if May wasn't one of my favourite month I would plead for a longer April!! ;")

But now - my goodbye to the invidious film-women of April:

Maybe you like to watch more films with women who are dangerous? Or even able to fight for themselves?

Here come a couple of films (in random order) , which you might like to see:

  1. MILDRED PIERCE (1945) - In which Veda (Ann Blyth) is able to make her mother Mildred (Joan Crawford) do a lot of things for her - and: In this film Ann Blyth has the guts to slap Joan Crawford!! :"o

  2. SALOME (1953) - In which Queen Herodias (Judith Anderson) is willing to make her daughter Princess Salome (Rita Hayworth) sleep with her husband King Herod (Charles Laughton).

  3. REBECCA (1940) -In which are two very dangerous women - and one is dangerous though she is already death! Mrs Danvers (Judith Anderson again) is scary - but the late Rebecca de Winter is the real dangerous woman.. Right?

  4. THE THREE MUSKETEERS (1948) - In which the dangerous woman bear the name de Winter! It's Lady de Winter (Lana Turner) - and to see her hand drenched in blood is a real artistic (and impressiv) way to show that a murder happened.

  5. PEYTON PLACE (1957) - In which Marion Partridge (Peg Hillias) maybe is just a minor part – but boy is she unpleasant! Maybe the woman who disgusts me most in classic Hollywood films..

  6. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (1962) - In which it isn’t always fair weather between sisters like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford..

  7. THE HEIRESS (1949) - In which a mousy young lady (Olivia de Havilland) won't forget who betrayed her (- even if it is Montgomery Clift!)

  8. WAIT UNTIL DARK (1967) - In which Audrey Hepburn proofs that blind doesn’t mean helpless! Make sure to watch this one in the dark! ;")

  9. NIAGARA (1953) - In which beautiful Marilyn Monroe is not the good wife Joseph Cotton expected…

  10. THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT (1940) -In which Ida Lupino goes mad after (or in the moment?) she murdered her husband (Alan Hale).

  11. SUNSET BLVD. (1950) - In which an aging actress - the immortal Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) - is still living in the past. - Remember: A woman who can do a good impersonation of Charlie Chaplin 's little Tramp mustn't be an easy person..

  12. THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (1947) -In which you will see a blonde Rita Hayworth - several times. ;")

  13. LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN (1945) - In which a very disturbing Gene Tierney has the female lead.

  14. THE LADY EVE (1941) - In which a hilarious Henry Fonda doesn’t have a chance against Barbara Stanwyck. - Well, who would?

  15. ANGEL FACE (1952) - In which even Robert Mitchum can be troubled by a woman like Jean Simmons. ;")

  16. SUDDEN FEAR (1952) - In which - well, it’s Joan Crawford vs. Gloria Grahame!!

  17. WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION (1957) - In which Marlene Dietrich is a good wife – or not? ;”)

  18. PAT AND MIKE (1952) - In which Katharine Hepburn knocks Spencer Tracy out of his troubles! ;”)

  19. JOHNNY GUITAR (1954) - In which Joan Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge show that a western can be woman's stuff, too. ;")

  20. PRETTY POISON (1968) - In which Sue Ann (Tuesday Weld) is manipulating Anthony Perkins’ film character ~ let’s be honest: To me it seems to be pretty easy to manipulate Anthony Perkins' film characters.. ;”)

Boy - don't you just love lists? ;")

Here is another one listing my favourite dangerous acting actresses (in no particular order again) :

1. Miriam Hopkins - because she can act both dumb and mean at the same time.

2. Gale Sondergaard - because she can act and I just love her. End of story. ;")

3. Agnes Moorehead - Do I have to explain? I do not think so.

4. Ida Lupino - because she can act crazy in a very impressiv way.

5. Judith Andersson - because she can act so very, very wicked.

6. Gladys Cooper - because she can show you how mean old ladies can be. ;")

7. Angela Lansbury - because she can act sooo ice cold!

8. Anne Baxter - because she can act mean - and still won't lose her beauty

9. Gloria Grahame - because she can act so cheap!

10. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford - Because they are Queen Bee and J. ;")

But remember: It’s still film – all of them just acted bad/mean/invidious etc. ;”)

- see: The wicked witch is not that mean:

I simply adore Margaret Hamilton!

Well, “Girls just wanna have fun!” ;”)

Maybe we’ll do something similar someday.. – Maybe:





  1. And a special THANK YOU for all of you who left comments! I appreciate them all! It's a good feeling if someone out there is reading (and liking!!) my entries. :")

  2. Awesome post Irene. Sorry I didn't read it earlier. That's quite the impressive list of women you have there. Even though she is gorgeous as Lady De Winter, I would not want to mess with her. heck no. Thanks for being part of this cross over Irene. I think we all had a great time. And your guest bit on my blog is fast approaching. Can't wait for June.

  3. Thank you Monty! Actually I am happy that anyone DID read it - my posts seem to be much too long.. ;")

    June will be soooo soon! I can't believe it! ;")


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