Tuesday, 9 October 2012

One Ring to rule them all.. (2)

Well.. yes.. the series goes on...

As announced I watched


by Peter Jackson.

I love this film poster above.. I also adore these lines:

One Ring to rule them all, 
One Ring to find them, 
One Ring to bring them all,
And in the Darkness bind them!

I prefer the first film of THE LORD OF THE RINGS series far before the others. The second film is a real challenge for me – though I find the first film in parts really creepy - anyone remember the Ork attack in the mines? Or the 9 Kings searching for Frodo?? Even just their horses freak me out.. I am a sissy. I will not deny that. I am wincing and hiding my face - and actually hugging my Teddy Bear or pillow when watching those films – still I love them. That is inconsequent – but true. 

But what really makes me unhappy with the second film is Gollum. 

That poor little guy.. He is kind of creepy - still he breaks my heart.. When he talks to himself and cries – little me cries with him.. He is betrayed that often and it really makes me feel awful to be so helpless.. yes.. even if it is “just” a character in a film or book I would love to help – I do not want any creature especially those in whom I take a liking to be unhappy. You may laugh at me – but I think if there is one character in THE LORD OF THE RINGS who really needs a hug it is Gollum. There are many characters in need of a hug there – but he really, really should have get one.. To be honest: when he returns in being cynical and mean: It makes me kind of glad for him. 

One of my favourite characters (second favourite to be specific) is

 Sam (Sean Astin

but the way he threatens Gollum costs him the pole position in my favours.. He would have been my favourite.. He is loyal to his friend Frodo. A caring and good-minded friend. And yes.. I think he is cute.. Really adorable.. But if there is one weaker than you: you do not bully him. Absolute no-go in my little world. If you are stronger it is your job to protect and help. Period. And still.. I love Sam.. I do. Honestly. 

Well..  Why...yes.. I like Sean Astin.. I don't get the connection here.. Why do you ask that???

Another thing that irks me in this film: the killing of trees.. Aye.. I am a tree-hugger.. So what? 

Uhm.. better I stop here.. Before I start giving away free hugs I am going to hug my Bear again and watch the third film of the LORD OF THE RINGS series..

But here is a quick one showing a very young Sean Astin with his shirt off..

~ well.. nice, hm?? ...
- Still I for one love him being more chubby.. 
yes.. true story.. that's the way MY cookie crumbles...  ~ 

Just for those who are still wondering: Sean Astin's mother is Patty Duke - Three years after John Astin married Patty Duke he adopted Sean as his son - but they are not biological related - though that would really make me freak out in amazement.. (Anyone wonder how I might feel about John Astin?? Yes.. guess there is no question left..)  

Thank you for listening! You all amaze me by doing so.. 

Really - you are awesome, my lovelies!


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