Monday, 8 October 2012

One Ring to rule them all.. (1)

I am on holiday these days.. and I use this time to do some film marathons.. Lately I have not watched too many films.. but as the days grow shorter and the evenings darker I of course enjoy snuggling up on my couch and watching films.. I hope I will come back into blogging mood, too.. Hope some of you are still around.. 

Since I am  - not very patient though.. I have to confess - awaiting the release of THE HOBBIT in December (on December, 13 to be specific..) I spent some time now re-watching THE LORD OF THE RINGS.. A short post series ahead?? Oh.. you can bet your sweet smiles on it! ...

Right now I finished watching

(New Zealand/ USA, 2001)

 by Peter Jackson.. 

And I think I will not spare you some of my thoughts about it.. that is about one character there I really adore..

But first: I cannot believe how old this film is by now.. 2001??? That is crazy... ok.. that was that.. though... honest?? ....  2001???? ....

What was I about to say?

oh.. yes..

There is one character in THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RINGS I find most interesting.. He is brave, he is loyal, he is easily annoyed, he is at times weak - and he is luckily looking like Sean Bean.. Yes.. it is Boromir.. I love him. I think he is one of the most interesting characters in this film..

Well.. I will not sing long songs about him.. I want to go back to blogging in small steps.. (better for all of us..) 

- just have a look:

~ ... ~

Thank you.. and now I am off for THE LORD OF THE RINGS : THE TWO TOWERS... 



  1. I agree! Boromir is mMy favorite character in the books, and by far my favorite character in the movie. Which is why Fellowship is far and away my favorite film of the trilogy... no Boromir in the others. Sniff.

    1. Yay! Another one to love Boromir! ;") Glad you are still around! :") Thank you for commenting!!

  2. I cannot add to the conversation, as I have never read the books, nor seen the movie. But I DO look forward to you blogging again. I have missed you!

    1. aww.. thank you so much, Patti! I hope to post here some more again.. And I will for sure go back to classic films, too.. ;") Thank you so much for staying with me.. and leaving such a nice comment! :")

  3. And what a way to return..with the Lord of the Rings! Perfect choice Irene! Welcome back!


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