Tuesday, 28 June 2011

“So.. How ‘bout it then?”

To say it right in the beginning:
2009 I was more than avid to watch one special film – I waited for this “aaaaaages” – it was Richard Curtis’s THE BOAT THAT ROCKED – and I wasn’t disappointed at all.
It is still one of my all-time favourite modern flicks.. I know that a lot of people out there just loathe it. But not me – No, sir! I am officially in love with this film. It’s pure entertainment. It is unbelievable funny and it’s partly awful dramatic – it’s like a “catastrophe-musical”.. Yeah – okay – I am excited ... – and towards the end of this film I am absolutely always getting goose bumps.. yeah – kitschy, pathetic.. Whatever..
And now I am going to tell you a little bit about it – so relax, enjoy yourself and listen – but: Beware: I am completely disrespectful.. Wait – you knew that already, didn’t you?
So – why of all things do I start talking about modern movies with this film?
It’s easy – I was trying to seduce a very good friend of mine to watch THE BOAT THAT ROCKED – and it worked. Well, kind of...
He didn’t (yet)...
– but I watched it..
So: Dear friend, from now on I will let you alone when it comes to this film. ... Well... Maybe for today..
In a nutshell:
1966 – great times for British Rock’n’Roll – but BBC radio program only broadcasts less than 45 minutes of pop music – so the lovers of that music have to listen to Pirate Radio stations – which are anchored in North Sea and play Rock and Pop all-day (and -night) long – and so is Radio Rock..

Young Carl (Tom Sturridge) who is expelled from school is sent by his mother (Emma Thompson) to his godfather Quentin (Bill Nighy) – who (what a coincidence!) runs Radio Rock.. And with young Carl we get to know all those DJs of this pirate radio station..
Everything could be just nice – and Carl’s biggest problem could be to lose his virginity - if there wasn’t government minister Sir Alistair Dormandy (Kenneth Branagh) who – with a little help from his assistant Twatt (it’s all in the name.. - he is btw personated by Jack Davenport) - tries to close those pirate radio stations down..

  • The US title is PIRATE RADIO, the German one is RADIO ROCK REVOLUTION, in Italy the film is known as I LOVE RADIO ROCK and my favourite is the French title: GOOD MORNING ENGLAND ... yeah.. that’s what I call translation, baby!.. Isn’t it interesting that each of these countries has an alternate English title?? Think about that..
  • Richard Curtis is responsible for such screenplays for films as FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL (1994), NOTTING HILL (1999) and LOVE ACTUALLY (2003) … It’s up to your decision if you’ll take that as a warning or a recommendation..
  • Though the story is fictional it’s loosely based on popular pirate radio ship Radio Caroline – and so are most of the DJs loosely based on actual DJs..

You should watch this film if you...
  • ... are a fan of 1960s music – in this case this film is a MUST. Hear me?!?
  • ... are a fan of 1960s clothes
  • … are disliking Philip Seymour Hoffman and want to change that. (- worked for two of my friends.. just btw… he is great in this one – but I am a fan already.. – so: don’t take my word – watch that movie!)
  • … wished TITANIC (1997) would have had more free love and Rock’n’Roll.. ;”)
Ok – a little bit of an advance notice:
This film is hilarious – and a bit sad – and dirty – and naughty.. ;”) It contents “adult humor” and strong language.. I LOVE it!!
"Cuz if you shoot a bullet, someone dies. When you drop a bomb, many die. You hit a woman, love dies. But... if you say the f-word, nothing actually happens."
- Yeah, the Count (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is right - but I (for one) still try to avoid to use the f-word..
The cast is amazing. Ok, I fancy Rhys Ifans (that dreadful scumbag..) – but there is a lot of nice “material” on this ship - if I may say so.. I think I would go for more than half of the people on board and I include some gorgeous girls in this..
I love Felicity (Katherine Parkinson), the cook, who is allowed to stay because she is an “absolutely always-“ lesbian.. – and her love story is one sadly small but therefor very lovely part of the film.. It's like two minutes or so - but very cute..
You will maybe spot some naked breast - as I now learned it is possible that this scene is cut from the US release.. It is a homage to Jimi Hendrix’s “Electric Ladyland” album-cover.. You can see it here:

~ this is the US version, folks.. you can imagine what we Europeans are allowed to see, can't you? ;"p ~
And you have the chance to see Nick Frost (Dr. Dave in this film) in almost all his glory.. But don’t be afraid: No “(almost) real sex-scenes” in this flick.. ;”)
The cast is really just marvelous – yeah! I can’t say that often enough. We have the always great Bill Nighy, who is magnificently arrogant and arrogantly tongue-in-cheek - just like I love him to be - and we have Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is rocking cool, of course the awful Rhys Ifans, Kenneth Branagh (stiff as a broomstick..), Chris O’Dowd who is hilarious and tragic and makes me want to cuddle him ~ how could I not go for a guy named simple Simon?? ~ , a very stylish Emma Thompson, the lovely and very sweet Gemma Arterton (I adore her!!), stunning January Jones, cute Talulah Riley - and I especially love Ike Hamilton (Harold – who is maybe not saying soo much – but he is amazing - even without words – and I will state here and now that I like this tooth space.. It’s adorable..) and the very funny Rhys Darby (Angus) and many, many more..
And you GUYS may like to know: The men who apparently have the most sex in this film are the chubby one and the one who hardly says a word (and I do not refer to Harold..) – okay the last one will please the eye of some girls around here– but maybe you boys can learn a new “line”… - tell me if it works.. ;”p

For us girls it’s harder: we have to be gorgeous to get some fun it seems.. Oh – and a fringe helps obviously.. ;”)
But I would say: The girls around this blog are quite amazing - aren’t you, ladies?? See! I knew it! ;”)
Quotes corner:
The film gave me some wonderful quotes which made their way into my daily life:
Walk woodpecker way!
is used very often by my sister and me, when one of us notices that the other one is about to do something really idiotic and should change her plans. – Coming to think of it: my sister says this a lot more often than I do… hm…
Or we have:
Aww.. You look like a unicorn – in a negligee..
Ok – if you ever say that to me when I am sitting on your bed – get ready to pick your teeth up from the floor - and I don't care how cute you are.. Just mentioning it..
Let's face the music:
The Soundtrack is just amazing – it isn’t always true to the decade – e.g. The Who’s “WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN” for sure wasn’t released in 1966. I am a The Who fan – and in this case I won’t get fooled again either – but it doesn’t matter – the song fits perfect into the scene. – And I also don’t care about the Muddy Waters-error..
Hans Zimmer wrote the one additional piece of music – and he is not credited for that. He did it as a favor for Working Title..
Gee, I could do a whole entry about the score - there are over 50 songs I guess which are used here.. - AND: There is even one Ennio Morricone tune! It’s the theme of FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE!!! – and of course it makes a great scene even greater! Ok, maybe the scene is just idiotic – or pathetic – Anyway - I like it.. ;”)
This scene didn’t make it into the film but so you have a chance to meet the team:

(I would cheer for Angus.. I would be alone with this– but I would cheer.)
- and now let's attend a wedding:

And finally - the trailer:

Hm.. I have the strange feeling I once stated my entries for newer films would be less long..

Doesn't seem like I am able to do that..


(Nah.. not really..)

"I've always lived for news and weather. Happy to die for them, too. Especially the weather."
Thank you for listening!
Yours (very well, groovy and) truly


  1. Awesome post Irene. Can't wait to see this movie now. I will try to track it down this week and actually buy it. It sounds too good not too. Oh this is me Monty. Since I had to log in as anonymous to post a comment.

  2. Thank you for your nice comment, Monty! And I hope that you won't be disappointed by the movie!!

  3. Irene, I have not heard of this movie before. Thank you for your wonderful review.. I will be looking for it.

  4. Dawn, I hope you'll like it!

  5. OK coming back to read this awesome post due to your recent FB post and I love it even more. Thinking it's time to watch this great movie once again! And this time my name showed up as who is commenting...in case you were wondering..yes it's me Monty!

    1. giggle... that is so very nice to re-visit and thinking about re-watching this wonderful film.. (of course I just re-watched it myself..) ;")


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