Saturday, 4 June 2011

Que sera?

My very good friend Monty of ALL GOOD THINGS has started the CLASSIC MOVIE ACTOR TOURNAMENT !!- and the Silent/ 30's Era is halfway through - today it is Clark Gable vs. James Cagney and William Powell vs. Errol Flynn. - and as always I am in the hm.. how shall I call it..: "non-winning team".. *sigh* - but maybe you can help that.. ;")

Just kidding - but I'd love you to go and vote for your favourite! But stay fair and vote just one time and don't push your favourite by unfair voting, please!

(Buster Keaton seems to be a bit depressed because he is out - don't be sad, Buster! I still love you, honey!!)

This month I am also a guest at Monty's blog who will asking me some questions and tries to make a star out of me.. Gee, I am feeling a bit like Judy Garland - you think I may get socked in the night I am finally going to win the Oscar? ;") ~ I am frequently training my Thank-you-speech for that Oscar night.. you all will break out in sobs, that's nothing you can avoid. Trust me! I am just about to look for the perfect dress.. ;"p well, not really.. ~

For I am a social star I am not the only leading lady this month on Monty's blog - I share top billing with Doris Day!! Can you imagine that?! ~ I am going to faint any minute.. ~

(Gee - Doris is almost ready - I got to get my make up, too!!)

That's it for June - and now we're talking about July:

I will attend PARIS IN JULY of BOOKBATH - which means on my bookblog ALL THAT GLISTENS COULD BE OLD I will be talking about books I read, which are setted in France or from French authors or whatever else, on my blog NOT SOPHISTICATED I will post some French music and maybe some other things connected with that theme - and of course here I will concentrate on films that are setted in Paris or France at all or have French actors in it or whatever - some tiny bits and pieces I think.. ;")

And for not being too onesided and also being a good guest I will ask Monty to be my guest in return here. Then he will answer some questions and I hope that he will tell us something about his blogs.. (That man is quite engaged.) This way I think there will be some post to release you from my french fixation in July.. ;")

Well, that's it for now - you now may enjoy your week-end!

Yours (very, very well) and truly


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