Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Can't wait till June!!

This is a completely overwhelming happy post:


- you know Monty! He is the (at least my) count of classic cinema. (I hope it's ok with him that I call him that..) If you don't know him: Shame on you!!! Go visit his blog(s) immediately!! Here's the one to start with: All Good Things -

so, Monty asked me to be his blog guest in June!!! (while I am writing this I am doing a silly little dance - mostly with my head and feets. My chair is a bit decrepit.. anyhow I am looking like Jerry Lewis - with breasts. Mr. Lewis is - as you may know - an awesome dancer.. Won't discuss my dancing skills.)

(originally I wanted to post his "dance" in THE NUTTY PROFESSOR - but all I was able to find was with a new audio track.. So this one is doing as well.)

Monty has every month another classic movie goddess - and fo June it's Doris Day. Ha! I am even more happy - if this is possible..

Since I was asked - and till it is June - I am singing this song over and over. It's the only song I can think of right now with June in it:

But there is something that troubles me - Monty usually asks his guests "questions about that person's faves but for you we may have to do something different."

Something different? Why? What? Is this good like "Oh, she is special. She is so marvellous - we're going to do tremendous things! And than she'll find a cure for hunger, war and bad taste!"?

Or is this something like "your daughter, you know, she is a lovely thing but *ahem* she is a bit sloooow.*ahem, ahem* So we do something different to make things more eeeasyyyy for her."

But: Never mind!! I'll do anything!! :") - except for cooking - believe me: you don't want me to cook something you want to EAT afterward. Oh - and also except for a video post. I am shy... ;")

But I even would wear this costume :

(This is my favourite picture of John Wayne)

And: I DO LIKE to paint with wax crayons.. Just in case I am the everyone-know-besides-her sloooow girl in the neighbour hood.. ;")

By the way: I already found a cure for bad taste: Watch classic films! Just mentioning it...

So, thank you soo much Monty! I hope I am going to be a good guest!! (And: I asked you if I was allowed to burst out in songs on this blog - so: You knew THIS POST would happen.) ;")

Yours (more than well and) truly

Frl. Irene Palfy

(completely having kittens - what a GREAT expression!!)

This picture is for Monty - who is an avid Cary Grant fan - and this shows excately how I felt when I was asked:


  1. What an awesome post Irene. Sorry I didn't comment on it earlier but I was sick all this week with a bug...sore throat, coughing, runny nose, etc. Getting better and I was reading all the blogs I follow and had to comment on yours. Funny and thanks for the shout out for my blog. And it's nothing sinister or mysterious about doing something different for your guest spot. I usually tweak the questions every few months. But I do believe you will bring a certain exuberance in June that has been missing. I hope you read your comments section on your post as this is about the longest comment I have ever wrote. I may have to shoot you an email as well to let you know how much I enjoyed this cool post. Anyway can't wait for June to come. Continue dancing if you must.

  2. Oh, Monty! Thank you for your nice comment!! :")
    One of my followers left after this post - I think - so I started to regret it a little bit.. But now I know you liked it - and that's wonderful and makes me very happy. And this post being worthwhile.So maybe I'll go one and loose controll now and than.. At the latest in June.. ;")

    Sorry to hear you were sick! I hope you'll be very fast on the mend!
    Actually I did not continue dancing - I get a cold myself! ;")

  3. I want a shirt like that, be nice to animals!

    Miss K

  4. Congrats to you, Frl. Irene! That is an honor! And I'm sure that Monty is right when he says that "you will bring a certain exuberance in June that has been missing."

    This was such a fun post - and I really enjoyed Jerry's dance. Crazy!

  5. Hej, Miss K!!! I want that T-Shirt too! :")
    Great to have you here!!

    Thank you! And: I AM feeling very honoured! Well, maybe I shall go on with this kind of post.. ;")

  6. halo my dear friend,
    thank you honey for always dropping by my blogs and leaving the comments. I so appreciate your kindness. I love that image of Doris Day and the animal quote, Hope u don't mind if I borrow it for my dog blog ?? You have some cool vid's on here also, liking the Jerry jitterbugging one. funny pic of John Wayne in the bunny outfit.
    Your friendship has enhanced my life and brought light where there was darkness.

  7. Hi, Jann!!

    Spread the word and show the picture!! ;")

    Thank you for your nice words!

    I hope you'll have a beautiful Sunday!!


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")