Sunday, 24 October 2010

Amanda's Cinema Survey - Autumn of 2010

Amanda of A Noodle In A Haystack is doing her fabolous Cinema Survey again. This time I am going to participate.

So, here are her questions and of course my answers -which are always not static. ( -ask me again in 5 min.!):

1. What is your favorite movie starring William Powell and Myrna Loy, excluding all of The Thin Man films?

2. Name a screen team that appeared in only one film together but are still noteworthy for how well they complimented each other.

Harold Russell and Cathy O'Donnell in THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIFES (1946)

3. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' best film together?

I haven't yet seen all of their films but of them I do know I like TOP HAT (1935) the most.

4. Your favorite actor named "Robert"?

Robert Mitchum

5. An actor/actress who, when you see one of their movies, you always wish that someone else was in his/her role?

Tom Hanks - first name that came into my mind. I can't stand him. Sorry.

6. An actor/actress that someone close to you really loves that you can't stand or vice versa?

One of my best friends loves Tom Hanks - sorry, but: NO!
Vice Versa: My mother can't stand Marilyn Monroe. Why, Mommie? WHYYYY??

7. An actor/actress that you both agree on completely?

That best friend and I completely agree about Danny Kaye.

8. Complete this sentence: Virginia O'Brien is to Ethel Merman as...

...Buster Keaton is to Charlie Chaplin - I love them all!

9. What is your favorite film starring Ray Milland?

- though I love Ray Milland very much in almost every film..
10. You had to have seen this one coming: what is your favorite movie of the 1960s?


11. An actor/actress that you would take out of one film and put into a different movie that was released the same year?

Though I like the film I'd like to see Olivia de Havilland as Cathy in WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1939).

12. Who was your favorite of Robert Montgomery's leading ladies?

I think, Bette Davis.. I haven't seen much films with him yet..

13. You think it would have been a disaster if what movie starred the actor/actress who was originally asked to star in it?

Gene Tierney (I love her - no question of that) wouldn't fit that perfect as THAT LADY IN ERMINE (1948) as Betty Grable did..

14. An actor/actress who you will watch in any or almost any movie?

Just one?? Gee, Linda Darnell..

15. Your favorite Leslie Howard film and role?

THE PETRIFIED FOREST (1936) = Alan Squier

16. You have been asked to host a marathon of four Barbara Stanwyck films. Which ones do you choose?

In no particular order:
SORRY, WRONG NUMBER (1948) and of course: THE PURCHASE PRICE (1932) but: don't you think that four films are way to insufficient??

17. What is, in your mind, the nearest to perfect comedy you have ever seen? Why?

In my opinion "Perfect comedy" means that you can watch it with different people and they all like it. So SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959) is my answer here - because of Jack Lemmon's hilarious performance and so many great bad guys.

18. You will brook no criticism of what film?


19. Who is your favorite Irish actress?

Maureen O'Sullivan - the only cause for me to watch TARZAN..

20. Your favorite 1940s movie starring Ginger Rogers?


21. Do you enjoy silent movies?


22. What is your favorite Bette Davis film?
I like so many of her films that I can't pick just one. Sorry.

23. Your favorite onscreen Hollywood couple?

Doris Day and Jack Carson

24. This one is for the girls, but, of course, the guys are welcome to answer, too: who is your favorite Hollywood costume designer?

Irene and Edith Head

25. To even things out a bit, here's something the boys will enjoy: what is your favorite tough action film?

? DIE HARD (1988) ?- I love Alan Rickman..

26. You are currently gaining a greater appreciation for which actor(s)/actress(es)?

Currently none.

27. Franchot Tone: yes or no?


28. Which actors and/or actresses do you think are underrated?

Bela Lugosi

29. Which actors and/or actresses do you think are overrated?

Clark Gable - sorry, but I can't really connect to him..

30. Favorite actor?
Only one?? Okay: Vincent Price!

31. Favorite actress?

Tough again.. Judy Holliday.

32. Of those listed, who is the coolest: Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Steve McQueen, or Patrick Stewart?

Dean Martin. For he is not on this range I choose Steve McQueen.

33. What is your favorite movie from each of these genres:

That is a mean, mean, MEAN question - so my answers are my "this minute answers":



Film noir:
LAURA (1944)

42nd STREET (1933)



That was fun - thank you Amanda!!


  1. Awesome answers Irene. I will take Amanda's survey tonight.

  2. Tom Hanks! That really made me laugh because it's taken me years to get to the point where I enjoy his performances - but only in a few select movies. : ) I enjoyed reading your answers.

  3. Monty,
    I really like to read your answers!

    thank you! :")


I really appreciate your comments - I'll read them all and if I can think of an answer I'll post it. :")