Monday 15 October 2012

Fresh from cinema.. ..Modern Times

As you might remember I now and then have the chance to watch classics in Cinema in Hannover. Yes.. I am very, very grateful for that..

So last week I had the opportunity to see


by Charles Chaplin.

In a nut-shell:

A factory worker (Charles Chaplin) struggles with modern machinery, the police, a feeding machine, co-prisoners and many other things and persons while hoping for a peaceful life with with a pretty gamin (Paulette Goddard).

~ a very cute couple: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chaplin ~

Though I am not really a fan of slapstick - and even less when it contains food - I enjoy Charles Chaplin's films. And to see this one on big screen with a small but very enthusiastic audience of maybe 15-20 people was really great. Paulette Goddard for sure looked very pretty - and I wished my fingernails would look that terrific when I was collecting wood all day long, too.. Luckily I haven't had to collect wood for some time now.. though.. it might do my fingernails good.. strange that Cosmo magazine never tells about that.. 

~ really, Paulette Goddard, REALLY??? ~

About the film itself was talked that much before - though I just noticed I never mentioned Charles Chaplin here before.. - I think I spare you the well-known stories about him pouring water over Miss Goddard's head and declare that to be her costume. (Love at first splash - no doubt..) Yes.. it was the last silent film Charles Chaplin did - yes it contains the wonderful song SMILE which by then was just "THEME OF MODERN TIMES" and which was written by Mr. Chaplin. I love that song.. There are several other pieces of music in this film - and actually I am working on a post about the soundtrack of this film.. 

I have to confess that I like Charles Chaplin most because of his ability to arouse my pity for his character. Over all I am since like forever more a Buster Keaton girl. 

~ rather Keaton than Chaplin?? Excuse me???? ...
- yes.. it is true.. but I like them both.. ~
Still - I very much enjoyed seeing this film in cinema. This Wednesday I will watch another classic there - and I am looking very much forward for that.. 

~ now this is really the image of a sweet home.. ~

Though I was quite often in cinema this year there are several films I have not written about in my Fresh from cinema series - like there were e.g. PARANORMAN (which was ok - but which I do not have to see again..) and THE FIVE-YEAR ENGAGEMENT (which was rubbish) and to be honest I do not know whether I am going to write about them at all.. We will see.. 

~ mhmmm.. Now I want a banana, too..
I cannot believe how much Miss Goddard eats in this film..~

For now: thank you very much for listening!



  1. This would be so cool to see in a cinema. I bet it was quite the experience. Thank you for sharing with us Irene. And I can't wait for your next trip to the cinema and what it shall be.

  2. Hi! You might already have this award, haha, but I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award on my blog because you're one of my favorites :)

  3. Loved Goddard. She had such an impish smile.
    I was a complete Movie star hound. happy Easter.


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